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Act! has a solution that’s perfect for your business

Act! is the #1 best-selling

Customer & ​Contact ​Manager


Affordable and easy to use, Act! is the trusted solution to help individuals, small businesses, and sales teams organize prospect and customer details in one place, send emails, market products and services more effectively, and drive sales results – in the office and on the road.

Tools for Success


Our solutions not only provide you with marketing and sales insights, but gives you the technology to apply those insights to your business.

Conversion & Retention


The key to growth is getting new customers and keeping them by delivering the right message at the right time.

Expert Guidance


Knowing the next step saves you time, money, and resources - Our solutions  provides guided advice and recommendations to help you fuel your success.

The Act! suite of solutions works the way you work - with ultimate flexibility to meet all your payment, deployment, and access needs. And, with expert support, intelligent recommendations, and rich integrations with the business tools you rely on every day, Act! fits neatly into your business.

  • Customer & Contact Management

  • Calendar & Activity Management

  • Opportunity Management

  • Sales Process Automation

  • Notes & History

  • Lookups & Groups

  • Email Marketing & Social Integration

  • Reporting & Dashboards

  • Integration with Outlook®, Google™, Dropbox and more!

  • Mobility

  • Marketplace Apps

Act! Premium




Affordable and easy to use, Act! Premium is purpose-built for individuals, sales teams, and small businesses. With tools to help you be prepared for every interaction, propel productivity, and make insightful decisions, Act! Premium fits perfectly between the chaos of sticky notes and the expense and complexity of CRM software.


Act! Premium (Managed by you): $25 pu/pm 


  • Windows®, Web, & Mobile

  • Email marketing (500 contacts)

  • Expert technical support

  • Video training

  • New features and compatibility updates  


Act! Premium Cloud Full: $35 pu/pm

All of the features on the left Plus:

  • Instant online access to Act!

  • Secure cloud hosting service

  • Automatic upgrades

  • Nightly backups

  • Product overview

Our team can help you with technical and customer care questions in your language.  Call us NOW for a great customer service experience!

Praxi can train your team to perform to its maximum.  You can enjoy on-line pre-recorded videos, on-line live training sessions (in-language), in-person training sessions at your offices. 

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