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Process-driven CRM for marketing, sales and service


"Our vision is that Business     Process Management is the only tool that enables companies to nimbly manage an ever-changing ominichannel customer journey"

Bpm’online CRM is a cutting-edge automation solution that is designed to automate the key business processes in marketing, sales and service. Bpm’online’s cloud based solution enables businesses of any scale to significantly improve their productivity and increase their profits.

The software is equipped with efficient automation tools and out-of-the-box best practice processes that guide users through the most effective actions on each stage of the customer journey. Moreover, pre-built processes give companies of any size the ability jump-start using the platform. Thus, eliminating the need to create processes from scratch.

​The beauty of bpm’online CRM’s agile solution is that the end user does not have to be a technology specialist to build or adjust the most complex business process. In addition, the users of bpm’online highlight the system’s intuitive interface with its social look and feel, free from redundant information that keeps them focused on what's relevant.


Being productive is crucially important for any sales professional.  Bpm’online sales is a cloud based CRM that drives refined sales processes to ensure an increased productivity of your sales activities.  The deployment of bpm’online sales enables a total control over the complete customer journey - from lead generation to loyal repeat sales and account maintenance.


To be at the top of their game your marketers have to constantly generate high-quality leads for the sales department via various communication channels.  This can be achieved through a holistic multichannel marketing management software that delivers demand generation excellence - from demand generation to lead nurturing, and to successful hand-off to sales.


Excellent customer service is the key of a winning customer experience. Utilize out-of-the-box processes designed in compliance with ITIL best practices, strategies and recommendations. Follow pre-built business processes to manage customer requests, service catalogues and SLAs.

Unique Capabilities
  • bpm’online offers the agility to continually test, alter, and improve processes to stay tuned to the new business environment.  It is the ideal platform for process driven companies

  • Designed with great customization capability.  Extremely easy to create fields through features such as "Drag and Drop"

  • Efficient out-of-the-box processes that are available for various industries - from banking and real state to pharmaceuticals and retail

  • Subscription and Perpetual licenses business models available to meet the specific needs and objectives of your business

Praxi Solutions-Section wizard
Praxi Solutions-Process
Praxi Solutions-Mobile 2
Praxi Solutions-Mac Profile
Praxi Solutions-Mac content
Praxi Solutions-Mac contact
Praxi Solutions-Mac contact seg
Praxi Solutions-Inbox
Praxi Solutions-Dashboard pie
Praxi Solutions-Import
Praxi Solutions-Dashboard
Praxi Solutions-System designer
Praxi Solutions-Project Management
Praxi Solutions-Social
Praxi Solutions-Process Log
Praxi-Strategy and Sales Tactics
Praxi Solutions-Orders and Invoices
Praxi Solutions Oppty. Dashboard
Praxi Solutions-Process Log
Praxi-Strategy and Sales Tactics
Praxi-Project Management
Praxi Solutions-Social
Praxi Solutions Oppt. Dashboard
Praxi Solutions-Orders and Invoices
Praxi Solutions-Field Services
Praxi Solutions-Leads
Praxi Solutions-E-Mail Marketing
Praxi Solutions-Customizing
Praxi Solutions-Contacts
Praxi Solutions-Event management
Praxi Solutions-Calendar
Praxi Solutions-Campaigns
Praxi Solutions-Bus.Process Mangmt.
Praxi Solutions - Accounts
Praxi Solutions - System designer

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From lead to keys-in-hand:
next generation CRM for real estate professionals


Bpm’online real estate is an integrated sales and marketing (CRM) cloud application with an extended set of tools for real estate brokers and agents to manage the entire cycle from

initial request, to listing matching, negotiations and closed deals.

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