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Get valuable insights on how to leverage bpm’online real estate to close more deals

1. Bpm’online real estate: CRM for residential property specialists

Learn how bpm’online real estate can help you identify your best performing offers and most profitable customers, maximize sales performance through greater customer insights, optimize business processes and disseminate best practices.

2. Bpm’online real estate: CRM for commercial property specialists

Learn how bpm’online real estate, a comprehensive CRM software for commercial property professionals can help identify best performing property offers and customers, maximize sales performance through greater customer insights, optimize business processes and disseminate best practices across the organization.

3. Empower Real Estate Agents and Brokers with an Integrated Sales and Marketing System (Webinar)

This webinar discloses the next-generation sales and marketing platform for real estate companies. Learn how to help real estate agencies close more deals, reduce costs and better manage business with bpm’online real estate.

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