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We’ll help you get the most out of your marketing automation investment through ongoing support, sharing of best practices, stories from other customers and partner relationships.



Streamline the creation, execution and measurement of campaigns with marketing automation.

Salesfusion provides an easy to use marketing automation platform that allows sales and marketing teams to be successful.  Helping small and mid-sized businesses attract new opportunities, convert them into customers and nurture them into lifetime relationships, Salesfusion stands out with its sophisticated functionality yet simple approach.

  • ATTRACT : Drive inbound traffic and identify new prospects to pull into your funnel.

  • CAPTURE/ ENGAGE: Build automated campaigns to nurture prospects into lifetime customers.

  • PRIORITIZE: Streamline your lead management process to optimize sales outreach.

  • CONVERT: Deliver critical lead intelligence to sales to drive higher lead conversion.

  • ANALYSE/ RETAIN: Measure your marketing effectiveness and improve customer retention.

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